Shuna Studio

Inspired by contemporary trends but based on traditional, classic jewelry making techniques. Shuna studio collection includes fine jewelry pieces that enjoy an updated look and are made of precious metals combined with touches of enamel and color.

We work with traditional metalsmith methods and the jewelry created in our studio is handmade and available in limited edition.
The process of creation makes every piece in the collection a one of a kind, inimitable work of art.

Every collection is inspired by different aspects of urban life and translates the chaos and order of the city experience into soft shapes and elegant designs. Our pieces are easy to wear and enjoy a casual style but add that extra touch. Despite their adaptable nature, they hold a dramatic quality and are perfect for special occasions.

SHUNA JEWELRY STUDIO Based in Tel Aviv. Founded by Shuna Goman, a Jewelry and Fashion Department Graduate at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

"For me, the most challenging part of making a piece of jewelry is using shape and material to tell a story. The most exciting moment of this process is passing that piece of jewelry on to the right person that will continue his own story."

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